NEW formula Sanaaa UV Resin - 200g bottle
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NEW formula Sanaaa UV Resin - 200g bottle

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NEW upgraded formula. Sanaaa UV Resin. 200g bottle.  Safe none toxic, low odour, fast curing under UV light, high quality, non sticky & super clear when used correctly. Always store your resin away from natural light when not in use.

Apply to flat surfaces liberally, using a silicone tip pen, tooth pick or skewer, gently and slowly spread the resin on your pieces.  If you have any bubbles use a lighter flame to quickly wave over the bubbles to pop them. Be careful not to burn the resin. You can use a UV torch, UV lamp or direct sunlight to cure your resin pieces. (See attached photo of a lamp I use, can be purchased off Amazon)

** Under UV light - cure minimum 2mins, I recommend 4-5mins.

**Sunlight - cure 15mins minimum 

When using resin, it is recommended to always wear protective gloves, mask & clothing. 


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