Caring for your Jewellery

Thank you and congrats on buying your Clay By Design unique jewels.

As your piece is handmade we recommend to always take care of your jewellery. Store in a dry safe place, away from dust and direct sunlight. Even though polymer clay itself is water proof and non toxic we recommend to keep away from water, avoid spraying perfume directly onto your jewellery and keep away from young children. 

All jewellery that has any metal components such as silver, rose gold, raw brass, raw copper etc may tarnish over time, this happens to all metals.  You can clean by polishing with a jewellery cloth. Brass cleans up beautifully with white vinegar, baking soda with a small amount of lemon mixed.  Use a cotton bud or ball, and gently wipe over the brass components. Dry with a cloth. I also sell brass cleaners online.

Extra tip:  If your polymer clay jewellery is looking dull, you can use a small amount of baby oil on a cotton ball and wipe over. (Note: do not use this tip if your jewellery has silver, gold or copper foil and had been sealed).