TROPICAL PLANTS - Moiko Silkscreens
TROPICAL PLANTS - Moiko Silkscreens
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TROPICAL PLANTS - Moiko Silkscreens

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Moiko Silkscreens.  Addictive way to add detail to your polymer clay designs. Dimensions are 9cm x 12.5cm.

How to use your silk screen:

  1. Place the silk screen shiny side down on your polymer clay unbaked slab. Or whatever surface you are using. (make sure the Moiko name is face up).
  2. Take a small amount of acrylic paint (Heavy body acrylic paint is recommend).
  3. Spread the paint across the stencil gently and neatly with an old credit card or similar.
  4. Remove the stencil, lifting it up on one corner slowly.
  5. Immediately after use, clean your silkscreen in cold water. Do not allow the paint to dry on your screen. Allow your silk screen to completely dry before using again. 
  6. Cut and create your pieces, bake as per usual if using on polymer clay.

NOTE: It is advisable to seal your silkscreen painted pieces once baked.  I use and recommend Cernit Matte, this can be found at 2wards Polymer Clay Australia or Ebay.  

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