Thin triangle cutters
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Thin triangle cutters

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Various sizes available. Sharp cutting edge, detailed cutters can be easily broken or damaged if not used with care, use gently. 

Made with PLA biodegradable plastic. Cutter colours will vary.

Suitable for 2-4mm thick polymer clay slabs.

  • For more detailed cutters I recommend using corn flour directly onto your cutters or brush lightly on your clay slab, this avoids the clay from sticking to the cutters. Use a pin to pick out any clay that is stuck.
  • A great tip is to make sure your clay is firmly rolled out onto your work surface before cutting. This helps the clay to stick when you remove the cutter.
  • Or water on your cutter also works well. Ceramic tiles are great to use, cut your slab directly on the tile, then pop straight into your oven.
  • Clean with baby wipes or cold water with dish liquid. I recommend to always clean cutters each time you use new colours to avoid colour transfer. Clean immediately after cutting acrylic paint with silkscreens.

  • Do not put in the dishwasher. Keep away for heat, do not bake cutters in the oven.

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