Cernit Translucent  - 56g -  Bordeaux
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Cernit Translucent - 56g - Bordeaux

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Favored for its fine, translucent, porcelain-like finish and excellent colour range, Cernit oven-dry polymer modeling clay is phthalate-free. It is extremely malleable right out of the package, yet even the thinnest pieces possess high tensile strength.

Cernit cures quickly to a flexible finish in 15–30 minutes at 265°F (110-130°C), and can be sanded, carved, filed, or even added to after baking, provided it has not been painted or varnished.

Cernit remains workable for more than a year, even out of the package.

Non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D4236 and the CPSIA non-toxic standards.

56gm package.


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