Autumn style 2- Transfer paper - 1 sheet
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Autumn style 2- Transfer paper - 1 sheet

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NEW polymer clay transfer paper. NO WATER NEEDED. Recommend to use Fimo (fimo soft is a great option) or Cernit white or light colours. Each sheet is 14cm x 14cm. See my demo's on my insta highlights for more info.

  • Recommended for fimo or cernit , however you can use souffle or premo, but be aware the colours come out more muted/lighter and may colour change due to the heat.
  • Bake at 110 degrees for 30 mins (fimo soft & cernit).
    • Designed for one use only per sheet to get best colour, however I have trialled using it twice, which works resulting in lighter colour transfer.
    • Cut to size and place face down on your conditioned clay slab.  Using your fingers, smooth over the transfer paper making sure no air pockets and edges are in contact with the polymer clay.

    • Leave your clay with transfer on for 45-60 mins.  Avoid moving your slab as it may move the transfer paper.
    • Once image is transferred remove the paper, and pop aside, the transfer paper may be sticky.  Be careful not to smudge the transfer on your clay, it is still wet and sticky. You can give it another 5-10mins to dry off a bit before cutting.
    • Cut your clay as normal. Bake at 110 degrees for 30 mins.

    NOTE: You don't need to seal your pieces once baked, however if you want a more vibrant colour you can seal with a glossy sealer, I recommend cernit glossy or matte. You can also use resin.

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