Brass Cleaners - Small block - 2 pieces
Brass Cleaners - Small block - 2 pieces
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Brass Cleaners - Small block - 2 pieces

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Pack of 2 cleaners. 3.5cm long, 2.5 cm wide and 1.2cm thick.

Brass & copper cleaners - micro fine grit on one side and polish/buffer on the other side. Rub the component lightly on the micro grit side, then turn over and polish/buff the component on the other side. You will instantly see clean and shiny components. I recommend to wipe clean after using a micro fibre cloth or any cloth to remove excess tarnish.  My recommendation (although a personal choice) is using a brass/copper sealer on your components once cleaned, this gives your components extra protection.  You can purchase from hardware stores like Bunnings etc. Please research products before using.  This is only my recommendation from my experience. Please know at all raw metals, raw brass and copper etc will keep tarnishing overtime, when exposed to the elements, body oils, perfumes etc this is inevitable.  This tool is not designed to take the tarnish away forever!  Like all jewellery, real gold, silver etc it all will tarnish over time. this tool is designed to clean your brass or copper faster, easier and to a more golden shine than other alternate cleaning ways. 

This tool can also be sold to your customers if you choose to.

NOTE: Not to use on plated metals, only raw metal components.

Store clean components in an air tight container, away from sunlight until you need to use them.

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