Jump ring assistant tool x 1
Jump ring assistant tool x 1
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Jump ring assistant tool x 1

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Brass Ring Assistant Tool, for Buckling, Open and Close Jump Rings, Platinum

Size: about 18mm in diameter, 7mm wide, 1mm thick. I x piece.

●Usage: This ring is made of brass and has 4 slots of different sizes for different thicknesses of jump rings.It’s used to help jewellery maker open or close different kind of jump rings.

●Easy to use: You do not longer have to use two pliers to open or close your jump rings. You just need to place this ring on your index finger of your left hand and grasp the jump ring with the pliers of your right hand. Find the right slot that fits the width of your jump rings and use sideway motion to open and close your jump ring.

●Save time: This ring can save you a lot of time if you have a lot of jump rings to open or close.

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